Madonna Leather Bracelet

Exquisite Madonna leather bracelet that is a show stopper. The leather is soft and comes in many colors. This wrap bracelet is very unique, it's made with colored glass inside of a brass setting for a unique look.

This leather bracelet is made of high quality leather with a brass buckle for closure, complemented by a round piece of fused glass and a soft leather band, very comfortable and adjustable.

How it's made: The fusing method is used to layer thin sheets of glass, hand-painted with assorted colors to create patterns and original drawings. During the fusing process in the kiln, the glass comes alive and takes on a whole new character.

NOTE: colors are available by seasons.

If there is a color out of stock, send us an email and we will let you know when available.  sales@banglezbazar.com


  • Fits all wrists, adjustable
  • Wraps around the wrist twice
  • Buckle closure
  • Colors are seasonal

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