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My journey began with a passion; Support silk farmers, embroiders and artisan women in starting in Bangladesh, South Asia. while providing our customers unique, indigenous designed accessories and exquisite home décor.  Earnings that the artisans received were used for their education, supplies, material and basic needs.  I shared these beautiful designs with family and friends here in the states. In doing so, there was such and overwhelming response and that gave me the opportunity to share the unique journey.

What happened next... Banglez Bazar was started and I continued to travel and search for talented artisans here in North America and other countries. By working with Artisans, I was able to spot great quality and reasonable cost that was passed on to our customers.  I also learned jewelry making techniques that inspired me to create my own along with the studying jewelry design and the encouragement of my good friend Sonia who is an exceptional jewelry designer.

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Pearl and Gemstones 

Fast forward the next 10 years...  Our company has grown, evolved and has come a long way from the beginning,  we now design an exquisite line of pearl and precious gemstone jewelry. Only a limited amount of the same designs are made because I want your jewelry to be as unique as you are. We want the best for your special occasions and casual wear. We continue to believe that customers should have access to upscale and unique accessories.


“God gives each one talents and visions to see it, the will and desire to want it and the creativity to build it”

My name is Christina and my journey began with a passion;  Banglez Bazar an online store was Established in 2005 and is located in New Jersey. The name “Banglez” came from my childhood fascination with wearing bangle and pearl jewelry. You will find that our lovely signature pearl and gemstone necklaces, wrap charm bracelets and many other jewelry pieces that I enjoy designing for customers are elevated in style.  Banglez Bazar was started with You in mind and we will continue to bring you beautiful pieces while building lasting relationships. 

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When you make a purchase from Banglez Bazar, 7% is donated to one or more charities you select at no cost to you.

Girls learning how to code
Girls learning how to code


Marty's Place

Dogs are our passion, this is why we support Marty's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary. Marty's Place is a non-profit organization that provides a home-like environment for senior dogs who have been abandoned, surrendered, or lost. The sanctuary offers a safe and loving place for these dogs to live out their golden years, surrounded by caring staff and volunteers who ensure they receive the attention and care they need.

I had the great pleasure of visiting Marty's Place and it looks like a beautiful vacation spot for dogs with so many acres of land and toys are abundant. Soft beds are available around every corner for TV watching, and all of the dogs have their own individual rooms for nighttime and meals.And there's a pool: A low impact, high intensity workout for big dogs.


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