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Lumi'ere Open Bracelets

Lumi'ere Open Bracelets

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Discover the allure of the all-new Lumi'ere Trio Brass Bangles! Exuding sophistication and charm, these bangles are an expression of your individuality and refined taste. Designed with stainless steel precision and passion, each bangle is a masterpiece that elevates your style and leaves a lasting impression. Styled with hand textured and soldered steel decor. Join the Lumi'ere revolution today!


  • Crafted for timeless sophistication and charm
  • Size: 7inches
  • 3 piece set
  • Meticulously designed and passionately crafted to add luxury to every ensemble
  • Versatile options: wear individually for subtle elegance or stack for a bold statement
  • Experience comfort and glamour with lightweight, all-day wear bangles



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