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Leather Charm Bracelet

Leather Charm Bracelet

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We love charm bracelets, but most are so yesterday.  This updated one is of Italian leather, making it chunky and sophisticated. With sparkly and pearl charms, it's great for everyday wear or to accent a simple but festive outfit.

The charms are made of genuine pearls, 24K gold plating and stainless steel so you will have this piece for years and it will still look amazing! This bracelet is amazingly simple yet stunning, you can easily wear it with almost every color of clothing in your wardrobe and look polished.

NOTE* Some of the charms may be different than what is displayed in the pictures but they are just as appealing.


  • Size: 23 in. long and 6mm thickness
  • Style: Wraps 3 times around the wrist
  • Comes with 7 charms


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