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Leather Beaded Bracelet Cuff

Leather Beaded Bracelet Cuff

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The Leather beaded bracelet  and cuff are both hand made in Africa by the Maasai people and oozes with exotic style and vibrant colors. The colors of these bracelet/cuffs are bright and bold and come in a variety of patterns. Pair it with an all white ensemble and these beauties will do the rest.

These leather beaded bracelet cuff were handmade by the Maasai Tribe from Kenya. The work is intricate and the leather inner part makes this piece easy to slide on, comfortable for all day wear and it's very light weight.  Great for a person that is allergic to metal jewelry.

Fashion Tips: Pair it with a bold lip color.


  • Average size
  • Multi colors
  • Leather inner trim
  • Handmade


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