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Vintage Coral necklace

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If you haven't had your neck graced with the look of beautiful vintage coral, then you are definitely in for a special treat. The fresh water oval pearls and pink crystals add a rich and detailed crispness that you won't find in just any run of the mill necklace. If you want a piece of jewelry as unique as you are, don't hesitate in getting yourself this lovely piece.

Vintage Coral necklace is just that..."vintage", the corals have been in the US since the late 90's. The pearls and crystals are strung together with sturdy string so your necklace is secure and you don't have to worry about losing your precious pearls. This piece can be with a white shirt or an evening attire so you have two looks in one.

Note: Includes a leather gift pouch for storage. 

size: approx. 16in. in length. & corals 2in long & 3-5mm oval fresh water pearls
style: statement piece
closure: silver tone lock clasp








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