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Flora Cushion Cover

Flora Cushion Cover

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This Ingrid Floor Cushion cover is all the rave. The bold colors with flowers on the edge of the cover and 4 bouquet of flowers surrounding the motif design in the middle and authentic hand embroidered silk threading design created by the talented Artisans of South Asia. This floor cushion will add so much flair to your home.  You can use this cushion in your living room or bedroom to give an eclectic appeal and it's a great conversation piece.

Each Ingrid Floor cushion cover is made of organic cotton, silk threading that was used to create the unique design. The colorful patterns and designs that are hand embroidered on these cushions represents the indigenous folk art of Bengal.

NOTE: Please allow 48 hours before shipping, insert has to be packed.


  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Size: 30 x 30
  • Type:  Back Envelope/without Lining
  • Cushion InsertINCLUDED!
  • Care: Wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent and dry on  gentle setting


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